1. Blog often.

2. Read a book.

3. Have a picnic.

4. Spend a whole day at the lake.

5. Pull a prank.

6. Bake cookies without a recipe.

7. Go thrift shopping.

8. Paint something.

9. Roadtrip to somewhere.

10. Go mini-golfing.

11. Go somewhere in old prom dresses.

12. Sew something.

13. Stay up all night.

14. Play poker.

15. Walk to the ice cream shop.

16. Attend a slumber party.

17. Make homemade facials.

18. Pierce my ears.

19. Paint each fingernail and toenail a different color.

20. Learn a song on guitar.

21. Go shopping in Uptown.

22. Go to a concert.

23. Have a bonfire.

24. Go to the zoo.

25. Take dance lessons with the boyfriend.

26. Go camping.

27. Go roller-skating.

28. Play with bubbles.

29. Fly a kite.

30. Go to the library.

31. Have a Harry Potter marathon.

32. Carve my name in a tree.

33. Go stargazing in the countryside.

34. Tie dye something.

35. Surprise someone with flowers.

36. Make smoothies.

37. Make a home made movie.

38. Rearrange my bedroom.

39. Send snail mail to a far-away friend.

40. Put warm-fuzzy notes in library books.

41. Bury a time capsule.

42. Take photobooth pictures.

43. Make popsicles.

44. Go to a midnight premiere.

45. Make crepes.

46. Have a spa day.

47. Have a tea party.

48. Sleep on the trampoline.

49. Chalk the entire driveway.

50. Go somewhere public in ridiculous costume.

51. Do yoga.

52. Get a tan.

53. Go to a used book store.

54. Go to theater production.

55. Go to Valleyfair for the day.

56. Try an exotic food.

57. Play flashlight tag.

58. Make a music video.

59. Walk around Lake Calhoun, Lake Harriet and Lake of the Isles in one day.

60. Eat corn on the cob.

61. Learn a piano duet with someone.

62. Go in a cave.

63. Jump in a lake.

64. Rollerblade through Hyland.

65. Go to the Farmer’s Market.

66. Win something on the radio.

67. Go to the State Fair.

68. Go bowling.

69. Make dinner for the family.

70. Go to a sporting event.

71. Make homemade pizza.

72. Dance in the rain.

73. Go backyard camping.

74. Walk the dog.

75. Watch every episode of a TV show.

76. See a drive-in movie.

77. Visit the Historical Society.

78. Go to the International Market.

79. Build a sand castle.

80. Discover a new band.

81. Go go-karting.

82. Eat at QCumbers.

83. Take the dog to the dog park.

84. Go to a museum.

85. Have a water fight.

86. Play night games.

87. Visit a water park.