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87. Visit a water park.



Yeah, summer is starting to get busy. Less time for things to do and less time to post. BUT, this past weekend I joined my family in an 8-hour drive to Kansas to visit my cousin and her daughter! Maria’s daughter, Aubrie, is the happiest, most adorable 2-year-old I’ve ever seen– by far. Anyways, we left after my parents got home after work and hit the road at 4ish, meaning we got to my cousins house at about 1am. Fun, right?! Haha, it wasn’t that bad! My aunt and uncle had flown in the night before, which made it very fun! My aunt and uncle (and cousin) are originally from Alaska, but my cousin moved to Kansas because her husband is in the military. Tom is overseas right now. (God bless him!) Making my point that it’s extra special when we see everyone together.

On Saturday, we all headed out for about an hour drive to a really great waterpark in… somewhere in Kansas. I don’t know what city haha. Anyways, it had a lazy river, waterslides, wavepool, etc. etc. Very nice stuff. We spent all day there, which was fantastic with Aubrie.

A video is supposed to be right here that is adorable, but wordpress is failing me:(

Awhh, she’s so cute:)!

I, unfortunately, ended up with a very nasty sunburn. I applied sunscreen (twice!) and it worked decently on everyone else EXCEPT me! Not fair. So I spent the past two days laying down covered in aloe vera, feeling like a slimy hot mess. It was badddd! And it hurt like no other. But it’s much better now– and, what’s that? Is it turning into tan? Maybe! I can’t tell yet because it’s still very red, but at least it doesn’t hurt!

Yesterday, I spent most of my day training at my new job (exciting!) I start next week! That does mean I’ll have to plan more carefully about my events, but I still intend to finish all of these things this summer!

Last, but not least, Mara arrived today! Mara is Maddi’s exchange student from Spain. I’m very excited to meet her! We have a bunch of fun things planned for the month that she is here (some of which are from my list– yeah!) and it shall be a jam-packed month of excitement. WELCOME TO THE US MARA!

Love always, Amelia