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2. Read a book & 83. Take the dog to the dog park

The hunger games by suzanne collins free giveaway

Good books.


Yes, I did it! Amelia — the girl who does not read books –has, in fact, read a book! I’m actually almost done with my second for the summer, ALREADY! Wow. It was Sophie’s idea for the book I read, as it is one of her favorites. I read “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins… and it was FANTASTIC. It was that perfect mixture of action, sci-fi, adventure, and even a small amount of romance to make an excellent story. It’s about a dystopian society and these terrible traditions they have that force 2 kids from each “district” (essentially cities) to fight to the death. The winner is the person who survives. I strongly recommend it! I am now about halfway through the second book in the trilogy called “Catching Fire.” It’s still super good! Which usually doesn’t happen in sequels, but I’m still enjoying it, so Miss Collins did something right!

Also, I hope everyone notice my new skills of word wrap on images. Please enjoy.

Anyways, Tucker and I also happened to bring my dog, Buddy, to the dog park a few days ago. It was rather enjoyable. My dog is a Jack Russel Terrier, which are known to be kind of… nutty. And apparently has to capitalized according to spell check. Anyways, he doesn’t like other dogs. So we avoided them as much as possible, and it went pretty well. I went again with my family on father’s day, and he wasn’t so great. Buddy is rather… vocal. He kind of “talks”? I guess that’s the right word. Anyways, most dogs don’t care, but their owners usually think he’s like biting them or something, but he never does! He just plays. And even if he does bite, he can’t break skin. Pathetic dog.

My doggyyy.

I like dogs.

The first one is Tucker and ze puppy running. Kind of a funny sight. The rest are kind of obvious. Umm, yeah.

Love always, Amelia

PS: Sorry for the kind of lacking and short post, there really isn’t much to say… I went to a park and read a book. Oooooh.



3. Have a Picnic


Hello there!

I found myself in quite surprise to find that all of a sudden my blog had more than 8 views! Apparently I accidentally posted on Facebook about it… or something, I still don’t really know. But anyways, I had a large number of views, and also some joyous comments. Very exciting. I’m not sure how I feel about that… pretty awkward, to be honest. It’s kind of odd. I don’t know. Anyways.

YESTERDAY, I had a day full of adventure. I began my day with Grace and Christine. We gathered assorted food items and made our way Target– yeah, that’s right. If you know anything about where I live, you know what by Target. Roundabouts! We had a lovely picnic sitting in the middle of one, actually.

Roundabout adventures.

It's a picnic, yo.

Grace loves to take pictures of herself, and I particularly enjoy her facial expression/sunglasses. Anyways, we ate in the beating sun (did I get tan?! No, of course not. Why would I ask such a ridiculous question?) and enjoyed weird looks and people avoiding eye contact. The best part was probably Christine’s cookies she brought… warmed by the sun and chocolate all melty-and-delicious. It was great. Of course, the company was quite great too. Good idea, Christine! Super fun. I enjoyed it.

Anyways, Christine had to go to her Grandma’s, so we dropped her off and Grace and I made our way to Sophie’s house.

Rocking out.

Safe driving.

Sophie had a fantastical idea to get on the light rail and adventure to Minnehaha Falls. It was so lovely! We waded a little bit in the water, and just kind of enjoyed the outside. It was so pretty too! Yay nature?


Ignore how ugly I am in the picture... Ohh, pretty waterfall!

After a couple hows, we loaded back on the train and made our way back to Sophie’s. Funny fact, Sophie lives right by the beloved Tucker, so of course we had to venture to his… mostly just to eat the popsicles we made at his house. (just kidding!) So we took a walk up the hill, ate popsicles, and then the 4 of us went back to Sophie’s to enjoy a few episode of Community. Fantastic show. Watch it.



Love always, Amelia

PS: Photo cred to GRACE because frankly, I’m not a photographer.