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9. Roadtrip to somewhere, 11. Go somewhere in old prom dresses, 14. Play poker, 39. Send snail mail to a far-away friend, 49. Chalk the entire drive way, 60. Eat corn on the cob, 75. Watch every episode of a TV show, 77. Visit the Historical Society, 78. Go to the International Market, 80. Discover a new band, & 84. Go to a museum.

8th Annual University of Michigan Ballroom Dan...

Dance competition at U-M

A month has passed! In case you haven’t noticed (or lack there of “you”) I kind of gave up on the idea. I had done the majority of the cheap/free items, and I was short on cashies, so I had to stop. Luckily, over the past month I completed a whopping 11 items. Which is kind of pathetic. But I mean, since I’m not trying, it’s good, right?! Anyways, I’m not going to write much because I have essentially no pictures… my camera broke… yay! But I’m shopping for a new fancy one, so it’s all good.

Roadtrip to somewhere: My dad and I went on a huge roadtrip to tour colleges (yippee!). We started the week off with a 12 hour stretch to University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. Beautiful campus and an adorable town, but then again, all the campuses we visited were the same. The next day we went on a tour and such, and then made our way to West Lafayette, IN to visit Purdue University. Repeat the day, then we made our way to the University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign. On the way here we got caught in this HUGE storm that was almost a tornado. We were driving on this tiny country road with no lights or anything and we couldn’t even see in front of the car! It was scary, but we survived haha. Next day, tour, then driving to University of Wisconsin – Madison. The FINALLY we came home. The next day, I stayed over night in a hotel in Minneapolis with Christine and Katherine– super fun! Then Katherine and I dropped Christine off the next day and made our way to St. Cloud to stay in her Uncle’s apartment. It was a busy week :)

Go somewhere in old prom dresses: I had my senior pictures earlier this week! The lovely Ali Hohn did my photos, and it was magnificent! I did, in fact, wear my prom dress for some of pictures– which included trudging out into the middle of a field in Northfield, MN! Those pictures turned out fantastic (I’ve only seen one so far!). Check out Ali’s other stuff: ahphotos.com.

Play poker: I’ve oddly done a lot of this recently. It first started with Tucker, Grace, and I being bored and playing, but then I taught my brother how to play and my family has been playing a little too. I’d like to point out that I beat Tucker and Grace! BOOM.

Send snail mail to a far-away friend: I did this, and it was so fun! I sent a letter to my friend Victoria who lives in Northfield, MN. She just graduated, so she’s all getting ready to go to college, so it was nice to send her something! I wrote a letter and drew pictures… and you know! The usual. ;)

Chalk the entire driveway: Okay, so I cheated a little. Driveways are big! Kelsey, Jessica, Maddi, Gaby, Grace, and I chalked Tucker’s driveway when he was on his way back from New York City. We chalked most of what we could, even though there were cars and such in the way… either way, it was fun! Then we went to Ben’s house to swim… which was equally fun, haha.

Eat corn on the cob: This is pretty self-explanatory. I had dinner with Mara and Maddi once, and we had corn. It was good. Side note, MARA’S GONE! :( I’m so sad!! I had to miss her goodbye party for camp at Iowa State! Gahh. I MISS MARA.

Watch every episode of a TV show: I’ve actually finished 2 TV shows now. Tucker and I finished Better Off Ted, and I finished Greek. Both of which were excellent. ‘Nuff said?

Visit the Historical Society: Actually, I visited the Wisconsin Historical Society, not Minnesota! It was part of our UW-Madison tour. Beautiful building, and it was a very cool tour.

Go to the International Market: Midtown Global Market rockkksss! It’s so fun! Christine, Katherine and I went after staying overnight in Minneapolis. Basically what it is is a kind-of Farmer’s Market but like from all over the world. It’s super cool! There are always cute bags and scarves and jewlery (for really cheap!) and delicious food. We got ice cream and sorbet… yum!

Discover a new band: I mean, it wasn’t a completely new discovery. I had one song my Erin McCarley, but I got the rest of her album and I love it! So that better be good enough, haha.

Go to a museum: On Purdue’s campus (I think?!) they have a History Library that is also an American History Museum, which we visited briefly while we were on campus. Sweeeettnneessss.

That is all! I’ll try an embed some videos or pictures or something, to make this a little more interesting. Sorry for being lazy, yo. (WOW. It will only let me have one pictures haha. Sucks for you guys! Have fun READING, pah!)

Also being lazy, I clicked all of the Recommended Links and Related Articles… enjoy?

Love always, Amelia

PS: I apologize for the lack of story-telling and chronological order of this post… It’s just too much!

47. Have a tea party



And that, Katherine and I did! Katherine and I have been best friends since forever. The age of 2, to be exact. Inseparable! (And oh, do I love her!) Today, Katherine, Christine, and I ventured to Bruegger’s with free-bagel-coupons in hand. We enjoyed our lunch, and Tucker also stopped by to quickly eat (then rush off to work.) Then, we went to the park with Katherine’s dog, Libby. Libby is a real dog, not like my own. She fetches and swims and doesn’t weigh 16 pounds. In fact, my dog, Buddy, had a seizure this morning! He’s epileptic and has them every so often– still kind of alarming, though. Anyways. After that, Christine had to work so she headed home. Katherine and I struggled with what to do.

THEN, we took a look at the list! We used to have tea parties all the time when we were little, so clearly it was necessary. We started by finding the tea set and making Toll House chocolate chip cookies.


Cookie dough is usually better than actual cookies.

After the cookies were done, we had to dress up just like we used to! We found a box of old Halloween costumes in her basement closet– and we enjoyed it!

Poodleskirts, ftw.

So yes, we looked ridiculous. BUT, we had fun and that’s what matters! Neither of us like actual tea, so our teapot was filled with water and we used the mini “sugar” bowl as the Crystal Light bowl to make lemonade (in painfully small proportions). We spilled a lot, but we always had our pinkies in the air! The important part is to remain proper. We used napkin holders and a fake candle, and it was all excellent. I love days like this with Katherine. <3

That's all, folks.

Love always, Amelia

79. Build a Sand Castle


Herro there!

Today was ALMOST a wash. But then it was great! I sat around the house and did basically nothing for a very long time. I got up at 9ish. Christine, Maddi, Katherine, and I were planning on going to Caribou and then doing something, but Maddi couldn’t and Katherine is still MIA. But anyways, Tucker happened to get off at 2 or 3 or so, so he ended up picking Christine and I up afterwards and we headed on over to a local park. Twas great. We started walking, and ended up on the lower “level” of the park. (By “level”, I really just mean down a hill.) There was a little beach type thing on the creek, and the sand was EXCELLENT. Like the most pure and fine sand I’ve seen anywhere around in a very long time.

Okay, that’s a little bit of an overstatement, but you get the point.

So we found ourselves digging moats and building drip castles, and just greatness.

Sand, turtles, and summer.

Sand in our toes-- can't go wrong!

(Left to Right: Tucker, myself, Christine) Christine and I built a GIANT drip castle. Using soaking wet sand, just drip it into a heap. Try it, it’s great. We built a whole pile of moats and such… and saw  a HUGE turtle. Like the biggest one I’ve ever seen. It was probably a snapping turtle, but that’s okay. It didn’t bite us! :)

What fun. This was legitimately one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. Here’s our finished product!

Yay sand.

Castles and moats. Lots of them.

That’s Tucker working, in case you weren’t aware. What he’s working on is a spiral moat with a “lake” in the middle. It was so sickk! Haha. I would strongly suggest doing this if you’re ever bored. My favorite part was the fact that we’re seniors in high school… and we played in the sand for 2 hours. What a dandy day!

Yeah, I use dandy a lot. Get used to it. Whoever you are, if you actually exist. Which you probably don’t. Let’s be honest here, no one reads this. Yet it’s oddly enjoyable to write to no one? Yippee.

Christine, Tucker, and I retired to my home for a lovely spaghetti dinner prepared by my mother. Maddi eventually joined us, and Tucker left. Maddi, Christine, and I began number 38; rearrange my bedroom. Most of the furniture is in different places, I just need to organize all my crap. That first starts with my closet– scary. I have a ton of extra junk in there because my family just got new carpet in our living room. So basically all of our furniture from there and all the stuff is another place in my house, and so I have a bunch of random things in my closet. Eventually it will be fixed… I hope… I just don’t know when yet.

So, um, yeah. I shall actually chat about that when I finish it. I don’t know why, but I will. The point of this blog is that random bored people can come on and see all the fun things I’m doing, and hopefully have an idea for themselves. If it works, it was fun for the time being for me, and I guess that’s what matters? I don’t know.

Love always, Amelia

PS: New game: find the random link in each post! Using wordpress’ “Recommended Links” I shall attach excellent things. First person to find it and comments wins something.

Haha, yeah. That means someone has to read it first. YEP.


86. Play Night Games



Number 86 is now complete. I spent a fantastic evening with a lovely group of people playing night games in the neighborhood. Alex (the brother) brought a few of his friends, and a few of my friends came over… and we all ended up playing an array of games at the Rajcula’s. (Neighbor/friend’s house) Alex brought Cole (Tucker and Christine’s favorite, haha) and Justin, whom I just met. Cole is quite possibly THE most awkward person I’ve ever met, but I just simply adore him. He’s so great! Justin seems nice. Yay?! I had 5 persons gathering with me, picture below. Of course we also had 3 lovely Rajcula’s join us! A pretty big group of 12! By that I mean, a great group of 12.

We played a number of games. My personal favorite is “German Spotlight,” which is essentially flashlight tag with a few twists. We’ve played it since we were little, and it’s still super fun… even for a senior in high school! Haha seriously though, fantastic night.

Games are most fun at night.

Bruises and scratches are our middle names.

(Left to right: 1. Tucker, 2. Michael, Gaby, Tucker, Christine, Maddi, 3. Gaby, Michael.) In the WordPress “recommended links” section, it has a map for the name “Maddi.” It’s like a random location. Looks sweet, yeah? I attached it, don’t worry. Click “Maddi” to check it out.

My other favorite game was a game the Rajcula’s, my brother, and I created when we were much younger. So fun though! It’s called “Fish Out of Water,” kind of played off of “Fish Across the Ocean,” another night game classic. Essentially one person is “it” and they sit on the trampoline with their eyes closed. As they count to 20, everyone else runs to whichever “monument” in the yard they chose. Each “monument” has a specific name. For example, the swing set is the “Castle,” and the deck is the “Beach.” Once the caller reaches 20, they start calling locations. If your location is called, then you’re out. You can change locations all throughout the game, and whoever is left wins. The caller can also call “Fish Out of Water” which is anyone who is still running in the grass, not at a location. Then they are also out. It sounds lame, but it’s actually fun, I promise. Make up more rules or use different rules to make it more interesting. It’s all made up anyway!

Most important rule of night games is that everyone must wear tennis shoes. This is a fairly new rule. Actually, it’s brand new. Last time we did this (a few weeks ago) Katherine ended up stubbing a bare toe and it bled EVERYWHERE. Nasty and painful. Thus, the shoe rule. I strongly suggest it for all night game players– which everyone should be.

So Maddi and I have had an argument the past few days. So you know when you quickly dodge a bad or awkward situation? I’ve always said “crisis diverted.” She says “crisis averted.” I looked both words up and they both mean essentially the same thing. I’ve also looked up both phrases, which both got results. Which do you use? Yes, yes, I know no one reads this blog… But I figure I’d ask for feedback anyway. It’s only fair, right?

Now I’m just sitting here, enjoying a rather delicious slice of key lime pie (my favorite!). I’m about ready for bed, it’s been a long (and very unproductive) day. Night everyone!

Love always, Amelia.