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9. Roadtrip to somewhere, 11. Go somewhere in old prom dresses, 14. Play poker, 39. Send snail mail to a far-away friend, 49. Chalk the entire drive way, 60. Eat corn on the cob, 75. Watch every episode of a TV show, 77. Visit the Historical Society, 78. Go to the International Market, 80. Discover a new band, & 84. Go to a museum.

8th Annual University of Michigan Ballroom Dan...

Dance competition at U-M

A month has passed! In case you haven’t noticed (or lack there of “you”) I kind of gave up on the idea. I had done the majority of the cheap/free items, and I was short on cashies, so I had to stop. Luckily, over the past month I completed a whopping 11 items. Which is kind of pathetic. But I mean, since I’m not trying, it’s good, right?! Anyways, I’m not going to write much because I have essentially no pictures… my camera broke… yay! But I’m shopping for a new fancy one, so it’s all good.

Roadtrip to somewhere: My dad and I went on a huge roadtrip to tour colleges (yippee!). We started the week off with a 12 hour stretch to University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. Beautiful campus and an adorable town, but then again, all the campuses we visited were the same. The next day we went on a tour and such, and then made our way to West Lafayette, IN to visit Purdue University. Repeat the day, then we made our way to the University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign. On the way here we got caught in this HUGE storm that was almost a tornado. We were driving on this tiny country road with no lights or anything and we couldn’t even see in front of the car! It was scary, but we survived haha. Next day, tour, then driving to University of Wisconsin – Madison. The FINALLY we came home. The next day, I stayed over night in a hotel in Minneapolis with Christine and Katherine– super fun! Then Katherine and I dropped Christine off the next day and made our way to St. Cloud to stay in her Uncle’s apartment. It was a busy week :)

Go somewhere in old prom dresses: I had my senior pictures earlier this week! The lovely Ali Hohn did my photos, and it was magnificent! I did, in fact, wear my prom dress for some of pictures– which included trudging out into the middle of a field in Northfield, MN! Those pictures turned out fantastic (I’ve only seen one so far!). Check out Ali’s other stuff: ahphotos.com.

Play poker: I’ve oddly done a lot of this recently. It first started with Tucker, Grace, and I being bored and playing, but then I taught my brother how to play and my family has been playing a little too. I’d like to point out that I beat Tucker and Grace! BOOM.

Send snail mail to a far-away friend: I did this, and it was so fun! I sent a letter to my friend Victoria who lives in Northfield, MN. She just graduated, so she’s all getting ready to go to college, so it was nice to send her something! I wrote a letter and drew pictures… and you know! The usual. ;)

Chalk the entire driveway: Okay, so I cheated a little. Driveways are big! Kelsey, Jessica, Maddi, Gaby, Grace, and I chalked Tucker’s driveway when he was on his way back from New York City. We chalked most of what we could, even though there were cars and such in the way… either way, it was fun! Then we went to Ben’s house to swim… which was equally fun, haha.

Eat corn on the cob: This is pretty self-explanatory. I had dinner with Mara and Maddi once, and we had corn. It was good. Side note, MARA’S GONE! :( I’m so sad!! I had to miss her goodbye party for camp at Iowa State! Gahh. I MISS MARA.

Watch every episode of a TV show: I’ve actually finished 2 TV shows now. Tucker and I finished Better Off Ted, and I finished Greek. Both of which were excellent. ‘Nuff said?

Visit the Historical Society: Actually, I visited the Wisconsin Historical Society, not Minnesota! It was part of our UW-Madison tour. Beautiful building, and it was a very cool tour.

Go to the International Market: Midtown Global Market rockkksss! It’s so fun! Christine, Katherine and I went after staying overnight in Minneapolis. Basically what it is is a kind-of Farmer’s Market but like from all over the world. It’s super cool! There are always cute bags and scarves and jewlery (for really cheap!) and delicious food. We got ice cream and sorbet… yum!

Discover a new band: I mean, it wasn’t a completely new discovery. I had one song my Erin McCarley, but I got the rest of her album and I love it! So that better be good enough, haha.

Go to a museum: On Purdue’s campus (I think?!) they have a History Library that is also an American History Museum, which we visited briefly while we were on campus. Sweeeettnneessss.

That is all! I’ll try an embed some videos or pictures or something, to make this a little more interesting. Sorry for being lazy, yo. (WOW. It will only let me have one pictures haha. Sucks for you guys! Have fun READING, pah!)

Also being lazy, I clicked all of the Recommended Links and Related Articles… enjoy?

Love always, Amelia

PS: I apologize for the lack of story-telling and chronological order of this post… It’s just too much!

36. Make smoothies, 44. Go to a midnight premiere & 50. Go somewhere public in ridiculous costume.



What an eventful few days! Yesterday, went over to Tucker’s and spent the day hanging out, watching Ted, and we make smoothies! Well, more so milkshakes. I don’t like fruit, so it was as close as it’s going to get. We threw a few scoops of ice cream, chocolate syrup (homemade by his mother!), and some chocolate chips in a blender, and it was excellent! The chocolate chips definitely made it.


Us in our attractiveness... ahem ahem.

Finished product!

Afterwards, I ran home and quick changed into my HARRY POTTER COSTUME. HP7 WAS AMAZING. I’m so sad it’s over though! I headed over to my old friend Annie’s house and met a bunch of kids there. We headed over to the theater at 7pm and waited in line until 9:30ish… then we moved into the theater and waited until midnight. I’m pretty sure I’ve never cried so much in my entire life. It was still intense. And the movie was so intense! It only felt like 15 minutes long.



Here we are in costume! So much fun:)

If that doesn’t mean going in public in ridiculous costume enough, then here are some shots of my struggling in public (H&M in fact) in my costume… quite embarrassingly.


Overalls over skirt = bad.

Lots of fun? Haha. Photocreds to Gracie.

Love always, Amelia

5. Pull a prank, 23. Have a bonfire, 40. Put warm-fuzzy notes in library books, & 74. Walk the dog.



GASP. Two posts two days in a row! Wow! Haha, yeah. That means that I’m actually going to start writing again.

Anyways, today was quite the adventure! I feel like I did a lot today… which is good, because I did pretty much nothing all week. First thing I did was I woke up and walked my dog. No– I didn’t take pictures, because walking the dog looks like… walking the dog. Buddy has been pretty weird lately. We got all new furniture, which he is no longer allowed to be on. So now he’s always sad… so a walk made him happy. Yay!

Later today, I went over to Maddi’s house. Maddi and Mara had just returned from a trip to Duluth, which sounded lovely, and we decided it was time for an adventure! And an adventure it was. We started by running off to the library. We cut a gazillion neon note cards in half and covered them in sharpied phrases with warm fuzzies. We put them in library books for people to find someday. I hope we make someone’s day!

Feel goood.

Feel good for everyone!

After that, we ventured over to the Japanese Garden and took a few pictures!


Mara and Maddi are pretty.

Then, Grace and Vanessa joined us back at Maddi’s house and we participated in some INTENSE Harry Potter Sporcle quizzes. Check itttt. http://www.sporcle.com/games/GeoGod/allharrypotter

Tucker finally joined us and then we began our bonfire! We made delicious s’mores and enjoyed the fires… and didn’t enjoy the bugs, but that’s expected. During this bonfire, we were discussing how our (mainly Grace’s) lives were so boring, and we never did anything interesting… then Grace had an idea. We shall prank the city! Well, we really only pranked a neighborhood. And it’s not much of a prank– but it was crazy fun.

WHAT WE DID. We took a whole ton of chalk and piled into Grace’s car… essentially we just drew a bunch of lines all over the street. We hung out of all of her doors and trunk and we drew lines up and down the streets with Grace (or I for a short while)  drove at like 2 miles per hour. We call it EXTREME STREET CHALKING. So fun. TRY IT!


Extreme Street Chalking at its best.

Good day.

Love always, Amelia

PS: A tag for Gracie! :)

15. Walk to the Ice Cream Shop & 42. Take Photobooth Pictures



I’m getting really bad at posting when I actually do things. Mostly just because the computer in my room doesn’t work currently, so it’s a lot more work haha. Anyways, a few days ago I ventured over to Tucker’s house after volunteering, we had dinner and decided to adventure to the ice cream shop down the road, called Scoops. It’s only a few minutes away, so it wasn’t a big deal. We order cones, and I end up with FANTASTIC oatmeal chocolate chip cookie ice cream. So delicious! Strong recommendation. It has actual pieces of cookie in it, and the ice cream has chocolate chips in it and a little bit of cinnamon– excellent. Tucker didn’t have quite as good luck. He ordered something called Nicollet Pot Hole, which had fudge, toffee, and sea salt in it. Now, most people know that salt is used to melt thing… well it did the same thing. Not even a block down the road he is DRIPPING in chocolate ice cream, napkins soaked, and has it all over his hands and face. I was smart to catch a picture!

Oh haii.

Super struggle.

Ohh Tucker. (Good thing this is super attractive……) I apologize for the turrrible quality, it’s off of my phone.

Then yesterday, the ABCDD club went shopping! Oh what fun, haha. Gaby, Grace, Vanessa, and I were at the Mall of America for like 5 hours, which was excellent. It was a very productive day. After shopping, we dropped Gaby off and headed to Grace’s house. We ate dinner and chatted for a while, and ended up taking a bunch of ridiculous Photobooth pictures with Ruth. Enjoy!

Good times, mostly.


Love always, Amelia

6. Bake cookies without a recipe & 30. Go to the library & 35. Surprise someone with flowers


Hello again!

This one will actually be good, I promise. I actually have something to work with now, finally! Today has been a very busy day. Except not really. I didn’t really do anything this weekend, so I really had to make up for it today… and I think I did? I hope so. Anyways, I woke up this morning and read Catching Fire for like 3 hours… then finally got up. Tucker came over and we… went to the library and played computer games. I’m going to Kansas this weekend to visit my cousin and her daughter, so I needed something to do in the horribly long drive… and so I got books! (GASP. More reading.) That was fun, I guess? Then we played games. Civilization 4 and Railroad Tycoon 3, in fact. Yeah, on separate laptops at the same time. We’re super cool, okay? He left and then at about 7, Grace, Vanessa, and Maddi showed up. Thank god! Came to save the day.

First, we started with baking cookies without a recipe– a struggle, kind of. We knew the basics, flour, sugar, butter, eggs, etc. and then we just kind of threw in some random things. 2 eggs and an egg white, chocolate chips, a lot of vanilla extract, and some baking soda or powder… I don’t know which haha. And I mean, they turned out pretty good? I’d say they were decent. Not great– but not terrible.

Without a recipe.


After the cookies were done, we were rather bored. We thought about a movie or something, but I didn’t really have anything we wanted to see– so we set out to Cub for an adventure. We bought two bouquets of flowers, a balloon, and set on our way! Our first stop– McDonald’s. We surprised a girl waiting to order with a carnation, and it was kind of awkward, but fun. Walgreens, next. We totally made the cashiers day! Of course, it was just past 10, so nothing was really open, so we gave 2 more at Pizza Hut and a nail salon. We had 4 left, so we went over to Kelsey’s house! She wasn’t home, but her mom sure enjoyed it! Then we went to Christine’s house. Her family seemed to be hosting some kind of a party… which was kind of awkward, but I went in and found her and gave her a few. It was cute! Also, she was wearing a romper, which, although I could never pull off, looked adorable. Anyways, our last stop was Sam’s house. We gave him a full bouquet of flowers and a balloon. It was awkward, but fun. It was kind of a spontaneous and random thing to do, but I hope we made someone feel good! It was fun, and that’s really what matters.


Adventure time, yo.

Love always, Amelia


3. Have a Picnic


Hello there!

I found myself in quite surprise to find that all of a sudden my blog had more than 8 views! Apparently I accidentally posted on Facebook about it… or something, I still don’t really know. But anyways, I had a large number of views, and also some joyous comments. Very exciting. I’m not sure how I feel about that… pretty awkward, to be honest. It’s kind of odd. I don’t know. Anyways.

YESTERDAY, I had a day full of adventure. I began my day with Grace and Christine. We gathered assorted food items and made our way Target– yeah, that’s right. If you know anything about where I live, you know what by Target. Roundabouts! We had a lovely picnic sitting in the middle of one, actually.

Roundabout adventures.

It's a picnic, yo.

Grace loves to take pictures of herself, and I particularly enjoy her facial expression/sunglasses. Anyways, we ate in the beating sun (did I get tan?! No, of course not. Why would I ask such a ridiculous question?) and enjoyed weird looks and people avoiding eye contact. The best part was probably Christine’s cookies she brought… warmed by the sun and chocolate all melty-and-delicious. It was great. Of course, the company was quite great too. Good idea, Christine! Super fun. I enjoyed it.

Anyways, Christine had to go to her Grandma’s, so we dropped her off and Grace and I made our way to Sophie’s house.

Rocking out.

Safe driving.

Sophie had a fantastical idea to get on the light rail and adventure to Minnehaha Falls. It was so lovely! We waded a little bit in the water, and just kind of enjoyed the outside. It was so pretty too! Yay nature?


Ignore how ugly I am in the picture... Ohh, pretty waterfall!

After a couple hows, we loaded back on the train and made our way back to Sophie’s. Funny fact, Sophie lives right by the beloved Tucker, so of course we had to venture to his… mostly just to eat the popsicles we made at his house. (just kidding!) So we took a walk up the hill, ate popsicles, and then the 4 of us went back to Sophie’s to enjoy a few episode of Community. Fantastic show. Watch it.



Love always, Amelia

PS: Photo cred to GRACE because frankly, I’m not a photographer.

43. Make Popsicles & 16. Attend a Slumber Party



I’ve had quite the week. A lot of it was rather boring, but a lot was really fun too. I did pretty much nothing during school. Thursday and Friday were finals days, but I had already taken all of my actual tests except for the dreaded choir final… haha, what a joke.

Graduation was Thursday night which I had to go to for choir, and the top 10 Juniors usher for the ceremony, so I got to wear a rather majestic white gown. Scariest thing ever– as all the graduates were getting their diplomas onstage the Junior ushers had to help everyone get in the right spot when, which means we were standing the whole time. Tucker (the boyfriend) almost fainted! (Ahem, excuse me. “Passed out.” Much more manly.) We didn’t eat after school and he was tired. Ridiculous. He started like losing his balance– so scarrry! But then we had Chipotle, and then it was fine haha.

On Friday, Tucker and I went to DQ after school to meet a bunch of friendlies there. That was fun, but we’ve done that a few years now so it’s “tradition”… kinda. It’s all good though. Then Friday night (yes, the night after the last day of school) I went home and STUDIED. Let down! I know. BUT, Saturday morning I had the ACT, so clearly I had to study haha. I’m so nervous for the scores! On my last test I got a 32, but I so desperately want a 33! Once I get a 33, I’ll be done, I swear. At least I very much hope so. Because tests suck. A lot.

After the ACT, I sat around at home for a few hours, ran errands with my mother, etc. Finally, at like 5ish or something, I decided to give Maddi a ring. If anyone actually reads this blog, they will soon get to know Maddi fairly well. She’s been on of my best friends all throughout high school. She’s pretty dandy. ANYWAYS, we decided to make popsicles! Time to cross number 43 off the list, although I’m sure we’ll do it a number of times more.

Making Popsicles with Maddi!

Popsicles aren't as easy to make as it seems.

(left: Maddi, right: Myself) So essentially, you fill an ice tray up with whatever liquid you’d like to freeze, cover it with tin foil, and then stick toothpicks through the tin foil and then freeze it. But… we didn’t have ice trays, so we tried Dixie Cups. Although they did taste good, they weren’t exactly popsicles. The cups were too big for toothpicks, so we had to use straws… which came out of the popsicles when we tried to get them out of the cups. Struggle! Still fun– and delicious! We made pink lemonade, mountain dew, root beer, and regular lemonade. All of which were delicious. We were going to make chocolate pudding pops (which are amazing!) but we got too lazy. If I do this with Tucker again sometime, I’ll post our ridiculously delicious recipe. We make excellent popsicles.

So eventually, we found ourselves joined by two other persons! Gaby and Grace came over, which was quite the treat. I curled Gaby and Graces hair with my new MAGIC HAIR WAND! I love it so much. (Check it out: http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/productDetail.jsp?productId=xlsImpprod2070253) Oh goodness, it’s so beautiful. Then, I crimped or waved or whatever the verb is Maddi’s hair using my triple-barrel iron thing, which is also excellent. Although, it takes a very long time. Maddi has THE thickest hair I’ve ever seen, so it took approximately an eon. As the night continued on, we decided to slumber party it up at Maddi’s house. So there’s number 16! Two in one day! That makes me kind of nervous though… what if I run out by the end of the summer?! What will I do with my time?!

Sleepover with Maddi, Grace, and Gaby!

Girls are the best.

(Pictures and people listed left to right: 1. Gaby, 2. Maddi, myself, Gaby, 3. Maddi, myself, Grace, Gaby, 4. Grace.) We had quite the time. So we’re all in show choir and we’ll all be in the same choir next year so we chatted about songs for the set list next year a lot. If anyone has any fantastical ideas for a Closer… comment or something. Although, I know no one will read this, you still should. Also, we all really like this song. Enjoy.

One last note. This is my friend Grace. She’s dandy. She’s riding in the back of my car I got a few weeks ago. It’s a red convertible. I like it.

Maddi and Grace in my car, enjoying themselves.

Ohh, summer.

Love always, Amelia