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86. Play Night Games



Number 86 is now complete. I spent a fantastic evening with a lovely group of people playing night games in the neighborhood. Alex (the brother) brought a few of his friends, and a few of my friends came over… and we all ended up playing an array of games at the Rajcula’s. (Neighbor/friend’s house) Alex brought Cole (Tucker and Christine’s favorite, haha) and Justin, whom I just met. Cole is quite possibly THE most awkward person I’ve ever met, but I just simply adore him. He’s so great! Justin seems nice. Yay?! I had 5 persons gathering with me, picture below. Of course we also had 3 lovely Rajcula’s join us! A pretty big group of 12! By that I mean, a great group of 12.

We played a number of games. My personal favorite is “German Spotlight,” which is essentially flashlight tag with a few twists. We’ve played it since we were little, and it’s still super fun… even for a senior in high school! Haha seriously though, fantastic night.

Games are most fun at night.

Bruises and scratches are our middle names.

(Left to right: 1. Tucker, 2. Michael, Gaby, Tucker, Christine, Maddi, 3. Gaby, Michael.) In the WordPress “recommended links” section, it has a map for the name “Maddi.” It’s like a random location. Looks sweet, yeah? I attached it, don’t worry. Click “Maddi” to check it out.

My other favorite game was a game the Rajcula’s, my brother, and I created when we were much younger. So fun though! It’s called “Fish Out of Water,” kind of played off of “Fish Across the Ocean,” another night game classic. Essentially one person is “it” and they sit on the trampoline with their eyes closed. As they count to 20, everyone else runs to whichever “monument” in the yard they chose. Each “monument” has a specific name. For example, the swing set is the “Castle,” and the deck is the “Beach.” Once the caller reaches 20, they start calling locations. If your location is called, then you’re out. You can change locations all throughout the game, and whoever is left wins. The caller can also call “Fish Out of Water” which is anyone who is still running in the grass, not at a location. Then they are also out. It sounds lame, but it’s actually fun, I promise. Make up more rules or use different rules to make it more interesting. It’s all made up anyway!

Most important rule of night games is that everyone must wear tennis shoes. This is a fairly new rule. Actually, it’s brand new. Last time we did this (a few weeks ago) Katherine ended up stubbing a bare toe and it bled EVERYWHERE. Nasty and painful. Thus, the shoe rule. I strongly suggest it for all night game players– which everyone should be.

So Maddi and I have had an argument the past few days. So you know when you quickly dodge a bad or awkward situation? I’ve always said “crisis diverted.” She says “crisis averted.” I looked both words up and they both mean essentially the same thing. I’ve also looked up both phrases, which both got results. Which do you use? Yes, yes, I know no one reads this blog… But I figure I’d ask for feedback anyway. It’s only fair, right?

Now I’m just sitting here, enjoying a rather delicious slice of key lime pie (my favorite!). I’m about ready for bed, it’s been a long (and very unproductive) day. Night everyone!

Love always, Amelia.