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79. Build a Sand Castle


Herro there!

Today was ALMOST a wash. But then it was great! I sat around the house and did basically nothing for a very long time. I got up at 9ish. Christine, Maddi, Katherine, and I were planning on going to Caribou and then doing something, but Maddi couldn’t and Katherine is still MIA. But anyways, Tucker happened to get off at 2 or 3 or so, so he ended up picking Christine and I up afterwards and we headed on over to a local park. Twas great. We started walking, and ended up on the lower “level” of the park. (By “level”, I really just mean down a hill.) There was a little beach type thing on the creek, and the sand was EXCELLENT. Like the most pure and fine sand I’ve seen anywhere around in a very long time.

Okay, that’s a little bit of an overstatement, but you get the point.

So we found ourselves digging moats and building drip castles, and just greatness.

Sand, turtles, and summer.

Sand in our toes-- can't go wrong!

(Left to Right: Tucker, myself, Christine) Christine and I built a GIANT drip castle. Using soaking wet sand, just drip it into a heap. Try it, it’s great. We built a whole pile of moats and such… and saw  a HUGE turtle. Like the biggest one I’ve ever seen. It was probably a snapping turtle, but that’s okay. It didn’t bite us! :)

What fun. This was legitimately one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. Here’s our finished product!

Yay sand.

Castles and moats. Lots of them.

That’s Tucker working, in case you weren’t aware. What he’s working on is a spiral moat with a “lake” in the middle. It was so sickk! Haha. I would strongly suggest doing this if you’re ever bored. My favorite part was the fact that we’re seniors in high school… and we played in the sand for 2 hours. What a dandy day!

Yeah, I use dandy a lot. Get used to it. Whoever you are, if you actually exist. Which you probably don’t. Let’s be honest here, no one reads this. Yet it’s oddly enjoyable to write to no one? Yippee.

Christine, Tucker, and I retired to my home for a lovely spaghetti dinner prepared by my mother. Maddi eventually joined us, and Tucker left. Maddi, Christine, and I began number 38; rearrange my bedroom. Most of the furniture is in different places, I just need to organize all my crap. That first starts with my closet– scary. I have a ton of extra junk in there because my family just got new carpet in our living room. So basically all of our furniture from there and all the stuff is another place in my house, and so I have a bunch of random things in my closet. Eventually it will be fixed… I hope… I just don’t know when yet.

So, um, yeah. I shall actually chat about that when I finish it. I don’t know why, but I will. The point of this blog is that random bored people can come on and see all the fun things I’m doing, and hopefully have an idea for themselves. If it works, it was fun for the time being for me, and I guess that’s what matters? I don’t know.

Love always, Amelia

PS: New game: find the random link in each post! Using wordpress’ “Recommended Links” I shall attach excellent things. First person to find it and comments wins something.

Haha, yeah. That means someone has to read it first. YEP.