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43. Make Popsicles & 16. Attend a Slumber Party



I’ve had quite the week. A lot of it was rather boring, but a lot was really fun too. I did pretty much nothing during school. Thursday and Friday were finals days, but I had already taken all of my actual tests except for the dreaded choir final… haha, what a joke.

Graduation was Thursday night which I had to go to for choir, and the top 10 Juniors usher for the ceremony, so I got to wear a rather majestic white gown. Scariest thing ever– as all the graduates were getting their diplomas onstage the Junior ushers had to help everyone get in the right spot when, which means we were standing the whole time. Tucker (the boyfriend) almost fainted! (Ahem, excuse me. “Passed out.” Much more manly.) We didn’t eat after school and he was tired. Ridiculous. He started like losing his balance– so scarrry! But then we had Chipotle, and then it was fine haha.

On Friday, Tucker and I went to DQ after school to meet a bunch of friendlies there. That was fun, but we’ve done that a few years now so it’s “tradition”… kinda. It’s all good though. Then Friday night (yes, the night after the last day of school) I went home and STUDIED. Let down! I know. BUT, Saturday morning I had the ACT, so clearly I had to study haha. I’m so nervous for the scores! On my last test I got a 32, but I so desperately want a 33! Once I get a 33, I’ll be done, I swear. At least I very much hope so. Because tests suck. A lot.

After the ACT, I sat around at home for a few hours, ran errands with my mother, etc. Finally, at like 5ish or something, I decided to give Maddi a ring. If anyone actually reads this blog, they will soon get to know Maddi fairly well. She’s been on of my best friends all throughout high school. She’s pretty dandy. ANYWAYS, we decided to make popsicles! Time to cross number 43 off the list, although I’m sure we’ll do it a number of times more.

Making Popsicles with Maddi!

Popsicles aren't as easy to make as it seems.

(left: Maddi, right: Myself) So essentially, you fill an ice tray up with whatever liquid you’d like to freeze, cover it with tin foil, and then stick toothpicks through the tin foil and then freeze it. But… we didn’t have ice trays, so we tried Dixie Cups. Although they did taste good, they weren’t exactly popsicles. The cups were too big for toothpicks, so we had to use straws… which came out of the popsicles when we tried to get them out of the cups. Struggle! Still fun– and delicious! We made pink lemonade, mountain dew, root beer, and regular lemonade. All of which were delicious. We were going to make chocolate pudding pops (which are amazing!) but we got too lazy. If I do this with Tucker again sometime, I’ll post our ridiculously delicious recipe. We make excellent popsicles.

So eventually, we found ourselves joined by two other persons! Gaby and Grace came over, which was quite the treat. I curled Gaby and Graces hair with my new MAGIC HAIR WAND! I love it so much. (Check it out: http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/productDetail.jsp?productId=xlsImpprod2070253) Oh goodness, it’s so beautiful. Then, I crimped or waved or whatever the verb is Maddi’s hair using my triple-barrel iron thing, which is also excellent. Although, it takes a very long time. Maddi has THE thickest hair I’ve ever seen, so it took approximately an eon. As the night continued on, we decided to slumber party it up at Maddi’s house. So there’s number 16! Two in one day! That makes me kind of nervous though… what if I run out by the end of the summer?! What will I do with my time?!

Sleepover with Maddi, Grace, and Gaby!

Girls are the best.

(Pictures and people listed left to right: 1. Gaby, 2. Maddi, myself, Gaby, 3. Maddi, myself, Grace, Gaby, 4. Grace.) We had quite the time. So we’re all in show choir and we’ll all be in the same choir next year so we chatted about songs for the set list next year a lot. If anyone has any fantastical ideas for a Closer… comment or something. Although, I know no one will read this, you still should. Also, we all really like this song. Enjoy.

One last note. This is my friend Grace. She’s dandy. She’s riding in the back of my car I got a few weeks ago. It’s a red convertible. I like it.

Maddi and Grace in my car, enjoying themselves.

Ohh, summer.

Love always, Amelia