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47. Have a tea party



And that, Katherine and I did! Katherine and I have been best friends since forever. The age of 2, to be exact. Inseparable! (And oh, do I love her!) Today, Katherine, Christine, and I ventured to Bruegger’s with free-bagel-coupons in hand. We enjoyed our lunch, and Tucker also stopped by to quickly eat (then rush off to work.) Then, we went to the park with Katherine’s dog, Libby. Libby is a real dog, not like my own. She fetches and swims and doesn’t weigh 16 pounds. In fact, my dog, Buddy, had a seizure this morning! He’s epileptic and has them every so often– still kind of alarming, though. Anyways. After that, Christine had to work so she headed home. Katherine and I struggled with what to do.

THEN, we took a look at the list! We used to have tea parties all the time when we were little, so clearly it was necessary. We started by finding the tea set and making Toll House chocolate chip cookies.


Cookie dough is usually better than actual cookies.

After the cookies were done, we had to dress up just like we used to! We found a box of old Halloween costumes in her basement closet– and we enjoyed it!

Poodleskirts, ftw.

So yes, we looked ridiculous. BUT, we had fun and that’s what matters! Neither of us like actual tea, so our teapot was filled with water and we used the mini “sugar” bowl as the Crystal Light bowl to make lemonade (in painfully small proportions). We spilled a lot, but we always had our pinkies in the air! The important part is to remain proper. We used napkin holders and a fake candle, and it was all excellent. I love days like this with Katherine. <3

That's all, folks.

Love always, Amelia


6. Bake cookies without a recipe & 30. Go to the library & 35. Surprise someone with flowers


Hello again!

This one will actually be good, I promise. I actually have something to work with now, finally! Today has been a very busy day. Except not really. I didn’t really do anything this weekend, so I really had to make up for it today… and I think I did? I hope so. Anyways, I woke up this morning and read Catching Fire for like 3 hours… then finally got up. Tucker came over and we… went to the library and played computer games. I’m going to Kansas this weekend to visit my cousin and her daughter, so I needed something to do in the horribly long drive… and so I got books! (GASP. More reading.) That was fun, I guess? Then we played games. Civilization 4 and Railroad Tycoon 3, in fact. Yeah, on separate laptops at the same time. We’re super cool, okay? He left and then at about 7, Grace, Vanessa, and Maddi showed up. Thank god! Came to save the day.

First, we started with baking cookies without a recipe– a struggle, kind of. We knew the basics, flour, sugar, butter, eggs, etc. and then we just kind of threw in some random things. 2 eggs and an egg white, chocolate chips, a lot of vanilla extract, and some baking soda or powder… I don’t know which haha. And I mean, they turned out pretty good? I’d say they were decent. Not great– but not terrible.

Without a recipe.


After the cookies were done, we were rather bored. We thought about a movie or something, but I didn’t really have anything we wanted to see– so we set out to Cub for an adventure. We bought two bouquets of flowers, a balloon, and set on our way! Our first stop– McDonald’s. We surprised a girl waiting to order with a carnation, and it was kind of awkward, but fun. Walgreens, next. We totally made the cashiers day! Of course, it was just past 10, so nothing was really open, so we gave 2 more at Pizza Hut and a nail salon. We had 4 left, so we went over to Kelsey’s house! She wasn’t home, but her mom sure enjoyed it! Then we went to Christine’s house. Her family seemed to be hosting some kind of a party… which was kind of awkward, but I went in and found her and gave her a few. It was cute! Also, she was wearing a romper, which, although I could never pull off, looked adorable. Anyways, our last stop was Sam’s house. We gave him a full bouquet of flowers and a balloon. It was awkward, but fun. It was kind of a spontaneous and random thing to do, but I hope we made someone feel good! It was fun, and that’s really what matters.


Adventure time, yo.

Love always, Amelia


3. Have a Picnic


Hello there!

I found myself in quite surprise to find that all of a sudden my blog had more than 8 views! Apparently I accidentally posted on Facebook about it… or something, I still don’t really know. But anyways, I had a large number of views, and also some joyous comments. Very exciting. I’m not sure how I feel about that… pretty awkward, to be honest. It’s kind of odd. I don’t know. Anyways.

YESTERDAY, I had a day full of adventure. I began my day with Grace and Christine. We gathered assorted food items and made our way Target– yeah, that’s right. If you know anything about where I live, you know what by Target. Roundabouts! We had a lovely picnic sitting in the middle of one, actually.

Roundabout adventures.

It's a picnic, yo.

Grace loves to take pictures of herself, and I particularly enjoy her facial expression/sunglasses. Anyways, we ate in the beating sun (did I get tan?! No, of course not. Why would I ask such a ridiculous question?) and enjoyed weird looks and people avoiding eye contact. The best part was probably Christine’s cookies she brought… warmed by the sun and chocolate all melty-and-delicious. It was great. Of course, the company was quite great too. Good idea, Christine! Super fun. I enjoyed it.

Anyways, Christine had to go to her Grandma’s, so we dropped her off and Grace and I made our way to Sophie’s house.

Rocking out.

Safe driving.

Sophie had a fantastical idea to get on the light rail and adventure to Minnehaha Falls. It was so lovely! We waded a little bit in the water, and just kind of enjoyed the outside. It was so pretty too! Yay nature?


Ignore how ugly I am in the picture... Ohh, pretty waterfall!

After a couple hows, we loaded back on the train and made our way back to Sophie’s. Funny fact, Sophie lives right by the beloved Tucker, so of course we had to venture to his… mostly just to eat the popsicles we made at his house. (just kidding!) So we took a walk up the hill, ate popsicles, and then the 4 of us went back to Sophie’s to enjoy a few episode of Community. Fantastic show. Watch it.



Love always, Amelia

PS: Photo cred to GRACE because frankly, I’m not a photographer.